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  • A 50-min 'Jet Lag' spa treatment per guest (from 10am to 1pm). T & Cs apply
  • Join our weekly sunset cruise 
  • Daily Afternoon Tea from 4pm to 5pm
  • A signature Night Cap experience at 1 OAK Lounge after 9 pm
  • A unique, personalised local Maldives experience
  • Invitations to VIP events held during guest's stay
  • A bottle of sparkling wine
  • Five laundry items per villa per day
  • Private in-villa check in 

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Dave Catudal is an author, celebrity fitness trainer and diagnostic nutritionist who has dedicated the past 15 years of his life to wellness and optimizing human performance. From professional athletes, top models and Hollywood celebrities to busy parents and pioneering entrepreneurs, Dave's specialty in hormone health and anti-aging protocols has helped thousands of people to achieve their holistic wellness and aesthetic physical goals.

As a cancer survivor and advocate of natural healing, Dave's methods for health transformations and reversing the negative effects of aging involve an emphasis on the importance of sustainable nutrition while incorporating daily detoxification and stress reduction techniques to compliment the mindbody connection. 




Dela has been working with her gifts and specialised breathwork methods for over 20 years where she has become globally recognised by her clients as a life transformation coach. She works with everyone from professional athletic teams and top CEOs to government officials, celebrities, and everyone in between to help them harness their most empowered mindset and personal performance.

Through her methods of Breathwork and energy transmission Dela facilitates a complete system of Emotional Trauma Release and energetic realignment. Her techniques enables her clients to release deeply stored trauma, non-beneficial habits, destructive lifestyle patterns, and dissolve perceptional negative emotions, resulting in a life-transforming emotional & mindset shift and a quantum leap in personal development, health and happiness.

17TH JANUARY 2019 to 7TH FEBRUARY 2019



Nico Jimeno - January 2019

Nico hold degrees in Podiatry and Physiotherapy and a postgraduate degree in Biomechanics from the University of Madrid. He started his career working with high risk diabetic patients at a Madrid hospital and, at the same time, his passion for sports and fitness led him to utilise his skills in assisting at various sporting events such as Iron Man and the Marathon of Madrid. Upon his return, Nico moved to the UK and was introduced to Margaret Dabbs London: he was immediately drawn to the brand’s philosophy, pioneering treatments and unrivalled reputation. Since joining Margaret Dabbs London, Nico’s passion and skills have helped him to become one of the team’s leading Principal Podiatrists with a large and loyal following which is testimony to the quality of his treatments and skill as a podiatrist.

Nathalie Schyllert  - December 2018

Nathalie began her journey to become Bodyism’s CEO when she started working as a Performance Specialist with Bodyism in 2008. Now a mother of 2, Nathalie continues to combine her passion for training, health and nutrition through her lead at Bodyism. Nathalie’s versatile knowledge, ambition and energy prove how adopting a Bodyism lifestyle sets up the foundations for a successful life. With a holistic approach to fitness, she carefully fuses different techniques to create long and lean bodies.

Toby Maguire - October 2018

A Holistic Health and Wellness Specialist who has spent nearly 20 years in Asia, working and practising Eastern medicine. Whether your goal is to improve your physical health, create a more positive way of thinking, revitalise your energy levels or let go of stress, Toby’s broad expertise offers highly effective pathways towards clarity, health and holistic wellbeing.

Ocean Bloom – December 2016

Internationally renowned, an innovative bodywork therapist. Deep healing facilitation and transformative treatments. With extensive studies throughout South East Asia, she draws upon skills in yoga, breath work, Thai yoga massage and emotional clearing techniques. 

Christopher Mitchell Allen – December 2016

An international health and wellness coach. More than 20 years in the fitness industry, working with professional athletes and beginners alike. Christopher shares knowledge in mixed martial arts, yoga, meditation, detox, weight loss, and strength and conditioning.