Pure Massage

Massages are by Pure Massage who as their name suggests, specialise solely in massage. Their expertise and intensive, extended therapist training combined with their commitment to the best quality spa treatments, have resulted in what we believe are the best massages in the world.

The Pure Massage Style can be described as therapeutic, progressive, deep tissue massages -with pressure adjusted to the client needs. It combines perfectly Eastern and Western massage traditions, addressing the natural rhythms and self-healing abilities of the body.


Massage treatments offered at our spa are designed personally by Beata Aleksandrowicz the London-based massage expert and co-founder of Pure Massage, the first company in London solely dedicated to massage, with training techniques based on her12 Principles of Massage. (TM)


Beata is the author of books on massage published by Duncan Baird, translated in several languages and published worldwide.

Acclaimed in the Sunday Times as one of the best in her field, she is regularly consulted by journalists for advice, collaborating with titles like The Guardian, The Sunday Telegraph, The Psychologist together with regular articles in the trade magazines and on line publications.

Beata has travelled extensively to Africa, further developing her skills and working on the Touch of Trust project that explored our ability to communicate through touch.


Her ongoing passion and dedication to change the perception on massage has led her to develop Pure Massage Spa Training Method® that offers her unique training and expertise in spas worldwide.

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