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A little story of a certain Sultan and his Sultana


There are many legends of who first lived in the Maldives that go back to as long as four thousand years ago.

Many people believe that Sri Lankan fishermen far from home were the first to live in the Maldives. Or there is the story about an Indian king whose people revolted and banished him to the Maldives islands.

Another story is that traders who were sailing their ships across the Maldives became shipwrecked and lived on the islands while trading with Arabia, China and India using coconut, dried fish and above all the precious cowry shell. These were used as currency in countries near the Indian Ocean.

But our favorite legend that was until now still unwritten, is about the Sultan or King who ruled the Maldives about four hundred years ago with his lovely wife, the Sultana.

The legend tells us that both were sailing through the beautiful islands of Baa Atoll enjoying the scenery while traveling around the world to discover new places when their Dhoni boat was shipwrecked on a huge natural island. And which island did the Sultan become shipwrecked on? Amilla Fushi of course which translates to “ My Island Home ” and is just the thing for a wooden Dhoni boat to run into.

The Sultan was very wise and very resourceful. He explored the island and loved it so much that he immediately felt home and built a big palace using the wood from his wrecked Dhoni boat. The Sultan and his Sultana made many friends with the sea life around them and settled down properly to grow their dynasty that existed for many hundreds of years from his new home on Amilla Fushi. They lived happily ever after with all of their friends at the Sultan’s Village at Amilla Fushi.

What no one knows is what ever happened to the Sultan's treasure of gold coins and priceless jewels. We believe that it has to be hidden or buried somewhere on the island. Maybe one day, some lucky person will find the Sultan's treasure.

The Sultan's Village is built on the exact spot that his palace stood centuries ago. It is probably a pretty good spot to start looking for the hidden treasure…


The End and Good Luck