Train like a Pro with a Jim Courier Tennis Pro



Get your game on and join us at Amilla's two floodlit tennis courts for either an action packed match with friends or family or book a private lesson with our Jim Courier Tennis Pro, an expert tennis player that will make a difference in your tennis game, even in a short amount of time.


Jim Courier Tennis (JCT) is a New York based company that serves guests at Luxury resorts around the world. JCT is one of the top suppliers of tennis coaches in the hospitality industry, providing resorts with a full service tennis program featuring teaching professionals that are the finest in the world.


JCT will ensure that even a short amount of time with their pros will make a difference in your tennis game.




Jim’s Tune Up (1, 2 or 3 players):
Private or group lessons conducted by our Tennis Pro. Work on the different aspects of the game and focus on cardio, technique, strategy or just have a fun hit.


                 Timmy & Tammy (1, 2 or 3 kids):
A program for kids up to 12 years with a coin reward system where kids will be collecting coins through fun drills to earn different prizes.


Beat The Pro (1 player):
Challenge our Tennis Pro and play for free if you win a set.


Beat The Machine:
Be your own coach and improve your shots with the ball machine.

Courts are available for daily use and can be booked 24hrs in advance through the Katheeb/a or the Tennis  Pro. 

       100% cancellation fee applies when a session is cancelled less than 24 hours prior. Complimentary tennis equipment is available upon request.

More info about our Tennis Pro Tony Rajaobelina